26 May 2009


I grew up in the era of Superman, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, and Superfriends. Wow! If that's not going to give away my age, what will? I wanted to be Wonder Woman - being able to disappear, being able to help others with my power. I also wanted to marry Superman. Now... I can hear you snickering in front of your computer monitor. And when Superman and Wonder Woman marry, what would they have? Superboy!

Well... I'm no Wonder Woman; just a woman who constantly wonder about so many things in life. I didn't marry Superman, either. Although, sometimes he does things that are super cool! We DID HAVE a Superboy. I know it sounds funny but this is a true story that happened a few months back. (Sorry for the very late posting. Too many things to do in a day. I told you, I'm not Wonder Woman. Hahaha!)

We were going to eat lunch out with our friend and co-worker, Jenni. I was finishing getting ready in our bedroom on the second floor. When Jayjay (who was sixteen months at that time) saw his Daddy and brothers heading out the door, he ran after them down the stairs. Thinking he was being left behind, he JUMPED off the stairs!!! Ten feet straight down to the concrete floor while Ed (my husband) and Jenni were watching in horror and shock!

All I heard upstairs was... "No, Jay! No Jay! (two-second silence) Oh, Jay! Oh, Jay!" That's enough to make a mother's heart stop beating! I ran down the steps not really knowing what had happened. I found Ed cuddling a very pale toddler and a horrified "Aunt."

I held Jayjay in my arms and cooed in his ears, "Oh, baby! Oh mommy's baby!" We tried to keep him alert while Jenni told me what happened. As Jayjay was free-falling, his arms were wide open to the sides like he was flying. Now, if you had a child you would know that babies' heads are heavy and usually the first ones to hit the ground. Jayjay's head was up and his chin was the last to touch the floor!!! Fifteen minutes later, pink color came back to his face and he was walking. Thirty minutes later he was eating lunch at his usual superboy speed. An hour later he was walking around, pushing his stroller, and giggling.

That still didn't put us at peace. We decided to take him to a doctor in Bangkok. Four hours later we were sitting in the doctor's examination room after an x-ray was taken. The doctor shook his head and asked us AGAIN (for the 10th time) how Jayjay fell and how he landed. He couldn't believe it - "10 feet?! flat on the floor, not rolling down the stairs?! not a bump?! no broken bone?!" We said... "It was a miracle, Doctor. Angels protected him." He looked at us like we were nuts or something like that.

Psalm 91:11 - For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. (NLT) I will never read or think or look at this verse the same way again... ever! And if Jayjay will ever come to a point in his life where he will doubt God's plan for him, the Superboy boy story will once again be told.
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