03 June 2008

Letter to Amy

(originally posted on Yahoo!360 on June 4, 2006)

June 4, 2006

Dear Amy,

I have been wanting to write this letter since we met two weeks ago. That was an unexpected yet very welcomed surprise. I still laugh when I think about my question to Ed on our way to your parents’ house: “What are the chances that Amy will be there today?” He said, “Slim to none.” I just want to be honest and open with you. You’re welcome to share this with whoever you desire to. I just want to put in paper and let you read of how God has orchestrated my life and Ed’s life for His glory. And you are part of the big picture. Here’s how….

It was almost twenty years ago when you and Ed were dating but of all his past girlfriends, I had really been curious about you. When we first got married, I found a pile of pictures of you that he took when you were still dating. It made me jealous for quite awhile. I didn’t realize that it was just one of the things he had in his box – things (more like junk J) that he’s collected over the years. In that box were also pictures and letters from many other friends. The jealous and selfish me made him throw them out in the dumpster. I shouldn’t have. Those were fond memories of friends since high school.

I asked him so many times how special you were to him and many other details in your relationship that only a woman would care to know about. I’m glad you told me you’re the same way. I have to admit, though, that I was jealous of you.

But then... as the years went by and hearing of Ed’s testimony of God’s sovereignty in His life over and over again, I realized that you are part of God’s plan. Ed and I know that you were both young and na├»ve. You were both not living for the Lord then. You both made ungodly choices but yet, God worked it out for good for His glory. Amy, because of you, God led Ed to Winston-Salem, NC. He was so heart broken after your bitter break up but God used that to bring him back to Himself. He started attending church again and after a series of events met a guy that attended Piedmont Baptist College, who invited him to check out a class there. He ended up enrolling as a full-time student. As a missions major at PBC, he was required to take a missions trip and so went to Thailand. That’s where we met.

You see, Amy, if he didn’t meet you he would have never moved to Winston-Salem. Because of your break up, he came back to God and attended Bible college. And then we met. And then we got married and went back to Thailand as full-time missionaries, along the way blessing us with two boys.

That day I met you, God just directed our paths. A Sunday evening church meeting got cancelled so we took our time by driving through downtown Winston-Salem. We also stopped at Reynolda Gardens and Piedmont Baptist College to take pictures. It wasn’t luck at all that you and your mom drove into your drive way the same time we arrived there. It was God! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Ed was so nervous about seeing you, thinking that you still held a grudge against him. It was a very moving experience for me watching Ed ask for your forgiveness for hurting your feelings seventeen years ago. It took everything in me not to cry when you both hugged and forgave each other.

I have no reason to be jealous of you, Amy. If I do, it means I refuse to acknowledge God’s sovereignty in Ed’s life. If I do, it means I refuse to accept the fact that you were God’s instrument.

So… THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being part of our lives. When we left your house that night, my heart just swelled with gratitude to our God who is just AWESOME & SOVEREIGN! I realized I found a new friend – her name is Amy! I love you with the love of the Lord!

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