03 June 2008

TUGGING AND PULLING, My Kite Festival Experience

(originally posted on Yahoo!360 on April 19, 2006)

Last Saturday, my sweet hubby took our kids and me to the annual Kite Festival in town. It was my first kite experience, EVER! The boys had fun and so did I. Lots of people went to fly their kites – octopus kite, Nemo kite, lobster, airplane - you name it, they had it, even a trash bag kite. It was a perfect day, the sun was out and the wind was strong.

I sat on the grass and watched my husband teach our oldest son how to fly our kite. You have to toss it up and release it. Then, you have to tug and pull, and tug and pull, release more string. Tug and pull some more until it goes up, up high. Then, a thought came to mind…

How awesome is that! I can’t help but think how my life is like a kite. God waits till there’s enough wind for me to fly. Then He releases me. I feel the wind tossing me every which way possible. Sometimes it’s too hard to see where I’m heading with the wind tossing me in every direction. I feel the tugging and the pulling… and it hurts. But then, I soar up higher and higher and higher to heights I never could imagine reaching.

And the comforting thought about this is that… with all the wind tossing me back and forth... With all the pulling and tugging that I feel many times hurting… GOD WAS THERE ALL THE TIME. He never lets go of the string! He was the one who kept pulling and tugging me so I will overcome the wind and soar higher! God loves me! He wants the best for me! He helps me attain things for Him and for His glory! What an awesome God! May I always be a beautiful kite for Him.

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