03 June 2008

When I grow up I want to be...

(originally posted on Yahoo!360 on September 14, 2006)

From childhood up to my teen years I changed the continuation of the phrase above probably at least a dozen times. My mother told me that at four years old I declared that I wanted to be a Pastor’s wife. You see, I grew up as a Pastor’s kid and my Dad was a great Pastor and man of God. Then I wanted to be a Doctor until I realized how long I had to be in school. I decided to be a nurse. Then I figured God gifted me with musical abilities so I wanted to be a concert pianist… Then a recording artist…then a teacher… and on and on.

I am in my mid-30's but I’m still a kid inside and I still have dreams. Yes, dreamS. And here they are:

When I grow up…
I want to be a voice in an animated movie. Maybe as a little girl character. Or maybe a character with an Asian accent. I can do really good Filipino or Thai accent.

I want to be a recording artist and become a back-up singer for Steve Green.
I want to be a nutritionist.
I want to be a graphic artist.
I want to be a professional Biblical counselor.
I want to write a book.
I want to be as skinny as I was 8 years ago (you know, the before-children-came era of my life :D ).

It’s not like my life is boring. In fact, I barely have time to accomplish things I need to do daily as a wife, a mom, my son’s home schooling teacher, and a missionary. Sometimes, I still find myself daydreaming. But of all the many hats I wear now, I would never exchange those dreams above for the privilege God has given me as a wife and a mom.

God is good and faithful. And in spite of the ups and downs, life! is! good!

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