03 June 2008

On Motherhood, Dedicated to All Moms

(originally posted on Yahoo! 360 on Mother's Day 2006)

Four baskets of toys emptied on the floor… Lincoln log pieces, trains and train track pieces, books, more toys, CDs and DVDs, pots and pans, Easter eggs, sofa pillows and cushions…. All on the floor! Every floor space in the house was filled with something. I stayed up late on the computer one night, working on our website. Oh, what a chaos I woke up to the following morning!

What could possibly have gotten into the minds of my five-year old and my toddler? Can’t they play with just one toy at a time and be happy with that for a few minutes? Why does everything have to be scattered all over the house? Aren’t toys enough? Why does my toddler have to mess with the pots and pans in the kitchen and the CDs and DVDs too? Aargh!

Aah, Motherhood…
There’s never an end to laundry and ironing. Never an end to cleaning up after the mess of my two boys. Never an end to cooking and doing dishes. Never an end to saying “No, don’t touch that. No, don’t climb there. No, don’t play with that.”

Now flip the coin…
“Mommy, I love you! Mommy, I need help. Mommy, please read this book to me. Mommy, can I lay down next to you? Mommy, I picked these flowers for you." (actually they were weeds but hey, he thinks they’re flowers!)

Eighteen years will be short. These boys will be off to college before I know it. The never-ending moments of cleaning up after them and scolding them, hugs and kisses and the sweet moments that I treasure with each of them… they will all fade into just memories. Memories that for now, are just piling up. Memories that they will take with them into adulthood. Memories that I will take with me into my sunset years and into my grave.

I am a mom and I love it! I would never exchange it for anything. Happy mother’s day to me and to all mothers who do their best to do a great job in the career world of motherhood! God bless us!

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